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Youth and Family Minister



Youth and Family


Hi!  I’m Mrs. B, to my kiddos.  Jenny to the adults.  I live in Gardners, PA, with my 17-year-old son, 3 cats, 2 roosters, and 7 hens.  I’ve been a youth director at St Stephen Lutheran Church for four years.  I love having the freedom and ability to do a wide variety of activities and programs.  I also love, getting to know a new generation of spirited youths and their families, being a source of support and friendship for those that want or need it, and working in God’s house as one of my careers.  My hobbies cover construction, crafting, baking, east coast swing dancing, poetry, landscaping, watching old musicals, and everything in between!  I’m constantly finding new things I enjoy doing!  My favorite line is, “What the Devil intends for harm, God will use for good.”  It has gotten me through, many a situation.  I’m so excited for this partnership, and hope you all are, too!