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Young Adult Bible Study

How Do We Define Young Adults in Our Community

Many people define young adults differently. Young adults can include individuals that have just graduated college and are struggling what to do next with their lives. Young adults can also include young professionals who have just gotten married, bought a house, and started their family. And young adults can even include those that have teenagers living at home about ready to head out to college. In effort to effectively include all of those important milestones, we decided that young adults can be anything you want it to be. So to ease your worries, think of young adults as anyone that is post-college to those that have teenagers at home about ready to head off to college, and anyone that feels young at heart!

What Is a Young Adult Bible Study

To help provide ministry to this inclusive age range, St. Paul Lutheran Church in collaboration with St. John Episcopal Church on the Square launched a weekly Bible Study program built around the She Reads Truth (and companion He Reads Truth) series.

We strive to meet our groups where they are most comfortable. We understand in many cases that young adults, young professionals, and young families lead very busy lives, so while a Sunday morning worship service may not be the most convenient, we work around those schedules to coordinate times where we can all gather together, join in fellowship, enrich our soul’s with lessons based on God’s word, and build relationships.

When Does the Young Adult Bible Study Meet

Our young adult bible study meets on Sundays from 4:30 – 6:00 pm in the home of our young adult ministry leaders: 228 N. College Street.

Current Study Guide: Our YA Bible Study program is on a brief hiatus and will resume in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

Study Guide 1: The Book of Exodus 

Our first study included a full read through on the Book of Exodus and a study of the companion devotionals published on the She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth blogs. The story of Exodus is a story of salvation. In the first part of this 7-week reading plan, we’ll follow the Israelites’ road out of captivity, through the plagues in Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea to the foot of Mt. Sinai. Next, we will discover together what it means to worship a holy God according to the glory and beauty of His design, intricately laid out in the second half of Exodus. The third part of the study traces Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Jesus’ resurrection.

Study Guide 2: Acts of the Apostles 

Next, we studied the Acts of the Apostles which is considered to be the birth of the early church. This is where we came from, and it’s where we are going. It’s the story of how we are called to reach out, and how we are called to come together. In this 6-week study, we read through the entire book of Acts and discovered God’s big plan for His church.

Study Guide 3: Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality

Biblical hospitality is about more than sharing a meal or inviting friends over. It is the work of making room in our lives for others. True hospitality is a posture of charity toward the poor, of welcome toward the displaced, and of humility and gentleness toward the hurting. In this 2-week study, we will see what Scripture has to say about making room for others—our neighbors, the poor, our betrayers, strangers, widows, orphans, children, and more. As we do, we will find ourselves reflected here first. For while we were still sinners, Christ made room for us.

Study Guide 4: Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai

These four Minor Prophets—Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai—cover a significant portion of Israel’s story of exile and return. They also provide us with a fuller understanding of the gospel. These books speak on God’s behalf about the fracturing effects of sin. They reveal our need for a God who confronts rebellion and resolves injustice. And they remind us that God is indeed present among His people. Join us in this two-week, four-book reading plan as we gain insight into God’s character and learn more about His faithfulness.

Study Guide 5: Advent 2018 – Until the Son of God Appears

We’ve always needed a Savior. From the moment Adam and Eve chose their way over God’s in the garden, to Abraham’s covenant with God and the earliest promises of the Son of God’s coming, the people of the Old Testament ached for an already-coming Savior. Until the Son of God Appears is a four-week reading plan through the biblical anticipation of Jesus and the majesty of His arrival. We invite you to join us this Advent season as we read these old, familiar stories in anticipation and celebration, remembering our great need and rejoicing in Jesus’s birth.

(descriptions of study guides credited to She Reads Truth)

What is She Reads Truth / He Reads Truth

According to She Reads Truth, the organization started who wanted to be more intentional about reading God’s Word. Additionally, He Reads Truth focuses on helping men become who they were made to be, by doing what they were made to do, by the power and provision that God has given them to do it, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Questions? Contact Our Young Adult Leadership Team at St. Paul Lutheran Church

We encourage everyone and their friends to participate with us. If you can’t join us for every meeting, no worries, just follow along with the study guide and plan to join us the next time you are available. We will also be posting reflection notes on our blog which you can contribute to by adding comments. You can check out the weekly messenger to stay up to date with the readings as well as on Facebook and right here on our website. Contact Laura and Greg by email at with any questions.