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Young Adult Bible Study

Young Adult Bible Study

time 5:30 pm

Every Wednesday from

February 21, 2018

She Reads Truth/He Reads Truth: Lenten Bible Series

Beginning the first Wednesday after Ash Wednesday (February 21), we will be launching our young adult life groups in collaboration with St. John’s Episcopal Church in the square. To help establish a YA faith community in Carlisle, we are partnering with local churches to build a support system that focuses on faith development and enrichment. Throughout our program, we are planning to use the She Reads Truth series. For our first study, we will be working with their 2018 Lenten guide. You can also download the She Reads Truth / He Reads Truth app to get daily readings to your phone.

We encourage YA members of St. Paul and their friends to participate with us. We will be meeting every Wednesday, but if you can’t join us for every meeting, no worries, just follow along with the study guide join us the next time you are available. We will also be posting reflection notes in the weekly messenger as well as on Facebook and right here on our website. Please continue to check out the messenger as we develop our plans accordingly. And feel free to contact Laura and Greg by email at with any questions.

Meeting Schedule: 5:30 – 7:00 pm

  • Wednesday Feb 21: St. John’s
  • Wednesday February 28: St. Paul
  • Wednesday March 7: St. John’s
  • Wednesday March 14: St. Paul
  • Wednesday March 21: St. John’s
  • Wednesday March 28: St. Paul

Reading Guide:

Day 1: Genesis 3:17-19, Psalm 78:1-7, Isaiah 30:15-18, Joel 2:12, Acts 3:19-20, Romans 3:22-23, Colossians 2:6-14

Day 2: Genesis 15:13-15, Psalm 136:1-26, Luke 24:13-32

Day 3Exodus 1:1-22, Exodus 2:1-25, Genesis 35:11-12, Matthew 2:13-23

Day 4Exodus 3:1-22, Exodus 4:1-31, Joshua 5:13-15, Matthew 22:23-33

Day 5: Exodus 5:1-23, Exodus 6:1-27, Isaiah 6:4-5, Psalm 68:4-6

Day 6: Day of rest

Day 7: Weekly Verse: God replied to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” —Exodus 3:14

Day 8: Exodus 6:28-30, Exodus 7:1-25, Exodus 8:1-32, Genesis 47:4-6, Psalm 95:1-5

Day 9Exodus 9:1-35, Exodus 10:1-29, Exodus 11:1-10, Deuteronomy 7:6-11, Romans 9:17