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Day 3: Road Trip

It’s hard to know how challenging sharing one bathroom between 28 people is until you are faced with the situation. But all three groups, with some help from the Lord, made it work.

AJ, the youth leader for Center made the morning all better with boxes of Dunkin Donuts for all 3 groups. But Moses, being the bright thinker he is, came up with an idea of testing all of the St. Paul youths’ power in patience. So he kept the donuts from us until the Lutheran Center we stayed in was all cleaned up, luggage was loaded in to the van, and we were well on to the road ahead of us towards Ohio. All I thought about before the donuts was temptation, a common biblical theme that shows up all the time in day to day life.

The donuts were so much better after waiting. And everyone was more thankful for having received them.

It’s funny how something like a donut can be used as a metaphor for the things we desire most and want so much in the moment. It’s called being materialistic and that’s what I think society is like now. But I know we can all relate to getting what we wanted and not feeling as satisfied as we originally wanted to feel. I took with me from that experience that waiting is often the best answer after stopping to think about giving into minor temptations.

The trip to Ohio included lots of sleep, and excitement as we left Pennsylvania’s border into Ohio. We quickly stopped for lunch at Burger King, which wasn’t some people’s first choice but Dr. Holly appreciated how conveniently all the food fit on one check. And our group loved it. After lunch we split up into three groups based on choices made the night before for different service opportunities.

Group 1: made shingles and did lots of hands on work.

Group 2: did building and painting.

Group 3: planned on painting and mopping and moving heavy equipment up and down stair cases.

All of these groups split up to different buildings. I was in group three. I can say that the moving of chairs and couches up three staircases was good exercise.

After the service project it rained and our whole group headed off to Cedar Point’s Express Hotel room to check in. We swam in the pool and hot tub and met friends from Wisconsin that were also going to the gathering. Moses even got in! Then we ate dinner at Applebee’s which was a good choice. But, three people thought eating sliced raw jalapeƱos was a dandy idea. Well one boys
stomach started to hurt (and we all felt bad for him but I’m not naming any names).

The van headed back to the hotel for relaxing time after dinner. And it wasn’t long before lights were out again. Cedar Point’s park would come tomorrow as well as what is anticipated to be our adventurous day of this journey.


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