How to Make a Difference in a Kid’s Life

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Diakon Adoption & Foster Care – Making a difference. Could you, too?

Foster and adoptive parents are so very important to us at Diakon. Our workers truly care about the welfare of the families and children we serve.

In fact, we make it our priority to provide them with the best advocacy and service—keeping in mind that every family is important and every child deserves to find a family who will love and care for him or her. For us, staff members of Diakon Adoption & Foster Care, we may be on the sidelines cheering our families on, lending whatever helping hand is needed, or working behind the scenes on their behalf.

Most importantly, we want to thank our families for providing safe and loving homes for our children. This task may not always be easy, as there are bumps along the road, but these welcoming families remained devoted to helping others—and their commitment absolutely matters! It matters to us as an organization servicing children, youths and families; it matters to the children for whom they provide a home; and it matter to the community-at-large.

Stability Can Make a Great Impact

With every passing day, the children and youth in our foster and adoptive homes learn more about what it means to have stability and comfort in their uncertain worlds. Perhaps they have never experienced that before. But we always need more dedicated parents and mentors. Even more so, children and youths wait for you to be the family they so desperately need.

Could that forever family be yours? We hope so!

Stephanie Kudey, Family Recruiter

For more information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent through Diakon’s Mechanicsburg location, please contact the Recruitment and Family Development Department at (717) 795-0320.

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