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Day 2: Starting Serving

“There are more bridges in Pittsburgh then there are in Venice, Italy.” “Really?” “It’s true.” In total there are 446 bridges in the city of Pittsburgh. It’s officially the city with the most bridges in the world. It has three more than Venice, Italy. This fact came as a surprise to everyone from St. Paul […]


Day 1: Departure

To help share events from the National Youth Gathering, Jackson Hoch, one of our youth will be blogging the groups’ experiences from the event. Jackson is a soon to be Senior at Carlisle Area High School and has a heavy interest in English and Creative Writing. He is a member of the Carlisle Thundering Herd […]


The Power of Positive Energy

What is energy? In physics terminology, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms, but cannot be created or destroyed. The Energy Bus is a book that I (Greg) have become very fond of. My full time job at WebpageFX thrives off this book and […]

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