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Reflection: Envoi

At the end of a poem or long book of poems or novels sometimes writers will add an envoi which is a stanza shorter than all the rest which concludes or summarizes what has happened. I know what you’re probably thinking, what does an envoi have to do with this blog, or the trip as a whole really? Well, really it has EVERYTHING to do with this blog. Because the Detroit trip happened, but it’s now over. And the next one will take place in Houston but not for a few years, the leaders of the gathering told us this with celebration in Detroit. So what are we to do before then?

Well, I think we all have our own answers to that question. But somewhere in between our daily stress and chaos that consumes us before then God should be in the center of our lives. Because time and time again, people say and they shout that the greatest weapon against stress is the word of God. If you don’t yet believe this, there is only one way to work towards it. And that is to do all you can at the place you are in your own faith journey to get there. But know this. It is one thing to read the Bible. It’s another to go to church. But it is another to follow what the Bible says. And it is another to practice all that God tells us to do and to get others to follow by his example through us. But following the scripture is so challenging. So few even try to do everything to make it a habit. That’s where the real problem is in society right now.

Giving money to an offering and going to church is service, but I feel that is not all God wants us to do. I feel it’s not even close to breaking the barrier of what he calls us to do. He wants us to find ways to give our time to others less fortunate, time well spent from the heart is worth more than money could ever be worth. He wants us to be kind to those around us and to follow by his example. And to treat people with welcoming hearts since we all have our gifts that make us unique individuals made within the vision of God. I hate to sound harsh. I really do. Cause this one hurts me too but I know it hurts him even more. We all have failed God miserably.

That’s what we hear time and time again. It’s why these words exist,

“God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, our savior and Lord to die upon the cross for all of our sins. By his death we are forgiven.”

But it must hurt. Knowing that we sin more than we should and most of us don’t try controlling it. Sometimes we can’t even tell when we are doing it.

I want you to imagine a person you love the most who you couldn’t live without. And picture them on a cross dying due to others sin. And look at the daily world. It should hurt because all around sin is present in abundant riches, gossip, cheating, lying, stealing, fighting, eye rolling and even slight separation still based on class and race. And this still determines how individuals are treated! If it doesn’t hurt, than try it again. And it will.

We live in a Jekyll and Hyde world where one minute we are nice but the next we are monsters. We live in a world where we hide all of our guilt and sin. And it’s time we stop to accept that if we don’t even try to change then the end result is pretty clear! Life’s most persistent and urgent question should be what is it that you are doing for others? Just look at yourself honestly: what is it that you are really doing for other people? For strangers? For the helpless? We are called to use our gifts God has given us for the better of mankind. It doesn’t always have to be in a way of laborious service. But somehow it should work within God’s word.

I’ll let you know so far what I believe I am called to do to serve as an example.

I don’t think I’m meant to be a Pastor. I never did. But I know that writing is probably my greatest gift because I am decent at it. A lot better at it than lets say mathematics or crafting. So therefore, I feel like I’m called to share my writing with others and to work on publishing my own work. Doesn’t sound like service, does it? Well it is. But I agree it’s not enough. So a year ago I tried to become involved with leadership at my school, something completely out of my comfort zone. And I made it a habit to get to know and welcome everyone in my then Junior Class and to be there for any of them when they needed help. By becoming VP that year I was in charge of community service so I reached out to many local programs. We tutored at elementary schools, and did held holiday parties for disabled people and much more. Now I feel like it’s my duty to start a service program of my own just because I have had a feeling bugging me for sometime, and it continues to come back. I believe that feeling is God trying to guide me forward.

So, yes, I have failed God. But I am trying to get better in following what he is actually is telling all of us to do. I feel like that’s a step in the right direction. It’s a process we should all be taking. Because it moves us away from all we are told not to do. We should be doing what it is we believe God is calling us to do even if we feel like it is something completely out of our comfort zone. Because we should believe that, “I can do all things through him who strengths me.” Philippines 4:13

We should trust in God guiding us to a better path.

My envoi developed from the trip would be this,

“Focus on you, and ignore the hate filled by those who disrupt you from a path God has called you on.”

We should all make it a necessity to remain closer to God than every before in our lives by truly following what he wants us all to do. Just look for it, allow Him to let that buggy feeling fill you, and then maybe even you will be surprised in what it is he has been calling you to do after all this time. Because God is an always. He never leaves our side, through the darkest and the lightest of times he is there. It is our time to give back the little we still can. I think that would make him happy. We could start like he does by seeing all good in the world. It will start us on a journey to that better path.

Amen. (Let it stand).

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