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Carlisle Girl Scouts: Girl Scout Troop 11627

What it Means to be a Girl Scout

As a local Girl Scout troop we experience several different once in a lifetime experiences as well as several character building ones.  Girl Scouts builds us into the young women we are today through lessons on etiquette to camping to financial skills that last a lifetime.  However, there is one overarching experience that we will never forget and that is all the opportunities that our leaders provided us with to get involved with the community.  It is fun to hang around our small, tight-knit Girl Scout community but it feels even better when we are out and about the local and state community making a difference.  It might be a small difference but those differences add up and they make us feel proud of what we do and our accomplishments.  This resounding feeling of accomplishment makes us want to share what we do with you.

Girl Scout Community Service Projects

Throughout the year we have:

  • Volunteered overnight at St. Stephen’s Church in Mechanicsburg to help set up for the festivities the next day as well as ran several booths for the church including the games station, an ice cream sundae stand, and helped with dishes and serving food.
  • Created bags full of candy and goodies to distribute to random houses in the neighborhood.  We call this “Boo to You” which is a reverse Trick or Treat method where we leave treats on someone’s doorstep.  For this we volunteered our time and resources to make Halloween great for the local community.
  • Participated in the annual Trunk or Treat event held at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (our home church).  During this event we decorated the trunk of a car to fit a theme and handed out candy, in which each of the girls donated, to children in costumes.
  • Created a Christmas wreath in which we donated to Carlisle Cares to be auctioned off.  This helped Carlisle Cares earn money towards there ongoing programs.
  • Made Christmas ornaments filled with candy for the Claremont Nursing Home workers to hand out while we were caroling to help make their holiday a little brighter.
  • Took time out of our busy holiday season to join St. Paul church members in baking dozens upon dozens of cookies for donation to service people who work during the holiday season.
  • Worked collaborative with a local Brownie Troop to serve dessert and clean up after a meal for the homeless at St. Paul’s.  
  • Attended Girl Scout Sunday as ushers and greeters at St. Paul’s as well as donated food for after the service.
  • Worked on our silver award which involves collecting baby bottles and blankets for orphaned baby animals at the Cincinnati Zoo.  We will continue collecting these items until we take the journey to Cincinnati next year.

Join the Carlisle Area Girl Scouts

Community service is a big part of our troops, Girl Scout Troop 11627, life as we try to get involved in the community continuously.  Please consider joining us and our adventures today!

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