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 Leader of Tomorrow 

Kyree (Ky) Marrero-Boyd, one of the youngest members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, is like most boys his age. He plays sports (baseball and flag football), enjoys music (hip-hop), and knows what he wants to be when he grows up (an aerospace engineer who designs and builds rockets.) What sets Ky apart from many of them, however, is his energy and enthusiasm for the Word of God.

For a long time, he was the only youngster who attended the 8 a.m. service and participated in one-on-one conversations with Pastor Clarke during children’s time. The favorite part of the worship service for him is “the singing and music.” He strongly feels that the best way to strengthen his faith is by coming to church “to keep learning more about God.” Ky also believes that children can play important roles not only during the worship service but also in service to others. One of his future goals is to “invite more children” to share his knowledge and experiences.

Thoughtful and wise for his years, Ky already expresses a strong faith in words, a foundation that shines through when he talks about his spiritual life. But he also puts his beliefs into action. He sings in the children’s choir, attends Sunday School and Vacation Bible Camp, serves as an acolyte, and occasionally helps serve meals to the homeless. Additionally, when other children are shy about going up front for the children’s sermon, he reassures them by taking their hands and gently leading them there.

Yet, Ky wants to do more, far more. He hopes to help children who are “having a hard time in life” by one day working with or fundraising for the Make A Wish Foundation. He also would like to reach out to children in positive and encouraging ways via a Youtube channel of his own.

As a congregation, we pledge to support, mentor, and love children, however they become a part of our church family. While we adults may strive to model our faith to these young people, we also realize we can learn much from leaders of tomorrow like Ky. They remind us to put into practice a childlike faith, one that is simple, trusting, and confident in the promises of God.