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Young Adults, Professionals, & Families

Carlisle’s Young Adult / Young Professional / Young Family Meetups

Fellowship with Christians and non-Christians alike is an important aspect of establishing a strong, connected, and inspired group of young adults in the church and the community, therefore gatherings and meetups are an important part of the culture at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Carlisle. Social meetups are typically scheduled throughout the year and can be found on the church calendar and in the church messenger. Our gatherings are open and inclusive to all including Christians and non-Christians, cis and non-cisgender, LGBTQ, binary, and non-binary, POC and non-POC, etc. If you find yourself wondering whether or not you fit as a young adult, we define our group based on life milestones. Therefore, if you are post-college to a family with children still in school (pre-college), you will fit right in with our gatherings. Please join us today!


Small Group Gatherings / Bible Studies

St. Paul Lutheran Church In collaboration with St. John Episcopal Church on the Square, has established a bible study program focused on strengthening the bonds between church and family. As part of our organic approach to establish seamless connections between life milestones among young adults,young professionals, and young families, we’ve focused on building an inclusive group ranging from post-college students to adults with teenagers (pre-college). If you fall within these age ranges, you will feel right at home in our study groups!

We strive to meet our groups where they are most comfortable. We understand in many cases that young adults, young professionals, and young families lead very busy lives, so while a Sunday morning worship service may not be the most convenient, we work around those schedules to coordinate times where we can all gather together, join in fellowship, enrich our soul’s with lessons based on God’s word, and build relationships. Learn more about our Small Group Gatherings and Bible Studies.

Service Opportunities around the Carlisle Area

Communities around the world are in desperate need for helping hands now more than ever before. It is important to recognize the call for service in a local and global setting. We strive as a church to not only help in our immediate community, but to also give back to areas around the world.

St. Paul’s Young Adult and Young Family Ministry Group offers up their service to many organizations in and around the Carlisle area. If you wish to participate with us, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Join Us in Fellowship at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Carlisle

We are always open to new ideas, suggestions, and opportunities, so please, join us at St. Paul and share you talents and passion with us as we continue to strengthen our relationships in and around the Carlisle community!