Vacationing With God


Vacationing with God: A Reimagining of Vacation Church School

Forget everything you think of when it comes to Vacation Bible School. Instead of a weeklong event that requires curriculum, staffing, and lesson planning, St. Paul is bringing to Carlisle a new vision for vacation bible school – St. Paul is hosting weekly block parties to bring together its church family and the community of Carlisle.

Beginning Friday, August 4 and wrapping up on Friday, August 25, St. Paul will be hosting events that are open to the public geared for all ages. The goal is to establish a strong connection to the community strengthening our fellowship with others while enriching everyone’s faith journey. Each event will consist of focused activities around the central theme planned for the night coinciding with a short bible study and prayer to kickoff each evening’s activity.

What Types of Events Are There?

The events will be open to all ages – our goal is to have something for everyone, from babies to seniors. More than anything, it’s about bringing together people of all generations to help connect ourselves to our community. And what better place to do it than at a church. And what better way to do it, then having a party!

Each week St. Paul will be offering something new – showcasing various community members’ talents ranging from art and theatre to music and culture!

The schedule of events is:

Friday, August 4: Film Night featuring the award winning film Selma

We will be viewing Selma (rated PG-13). Following, our special guest, Kitzi Chappelle, community representative and board member to Hope Station and Safe Harbour, will be hosting a discussion about the film and its historical importance as well as conversations about current events, race, and social injustice.

Friday, August 11: Hip Hop in the Community featuring REACH Dance Crew

We will be hosting a fundraiser event for REACH Dance Crew, a local hip hop dance group. They will be performing for us as well as giving us a tutorial on hip hop dance and discussing what hip hop means to the community. Come and learn how to “pop” and “lock” and enjoy a vibrant evening with our community!

Friday, August 18: Paint Night featuring Create A Palooza

Create A Palooza will be coming back again this year to host a paint night in Stock Hall. For those that didn’t attend last year, we had an amazing evening showcasing our artistic side with canvases and paints. Monetary donations are welcome to support the cost of hosting the group, however, it is free to attend!

Friday, August 25: Rock The Block – Community Block Party

To wrap up our Vacationing With God series, we will be hosting a community block party that is like none other. This year, we will be featuring a live DJ and an art competition featuring two local high school students and art teachers, showing their street style art on a large makeshift canvas wall. Each artist will have table and donation jar where you can support your favorite artist. Remember to  bring your change with you so you can support them by adding it to their jar. Come and check out the creative side to our community and learn more about the importance of public art.

Time: 6:30 – 8:00

Ages: all ages (babies to seniors – we will have something for everyone)

How You Can Be A  Part Of The Events

We are calling upon you to help and be a part of this one of a kind event! We could use your assistance in any of the following ways:

  • Volunteering your time
  • Offering donations to support costs
  • Promoting the event and spreading the word to the local community
  • Attending the events to help connect yourself to others in the community

We are excited to be a part of this revolution and we encourage you to join us on this journey! Please contact Laura and Greg Guenther, our Young Adult Coordinators at St. Paul should you have any questions.  – Laura and Greg Guenther. Or you can contact the church office for more information.